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Pulmonary rehab built around you

Living with COPD can be stressful, but getting pulmonary rehab shouldn’t be.
Meet the AI-powered at-home pulmonary rehab program —  now available right at your fingertips.


All the great things you’ll get with Zeph


Data that does you well

With Zeph, we’ll monitor your breathing daily and use that data to help you and your clinician find your edge and improve it.


Exercises that’ll change your life

Our rehab program includes solo and group exercises designed to improve lung function around your specific needs. And yes, it’ll help you enjoy daily life more.


A full-on breath education

You’ll learn how to optimize your overall well-being with lessons about everything from nutrition to properly using your inhaler.


A whole community to support you

Managing COPD can be isolating at times. We ensure you’re surrounded by a supportive community of respiratory patients to work alongside you.


Zeph works with clinicians who take insurance

We'll confirm if your insurance is accepted.

Getting started is easy





Take a Zeph assessment.

Help us understand your needs and goals by taking a 5-minute survey.



Talk to our team.

Our team will reach out to you to see if Zeph is right for you.



Receive your Zeph kit in the mail.

We’ll send you everything you need to complete a comprehensive pulmonary rehab program at home. We’ll even walk you through the setup, too!



Meet your community and clinician.

You’ll be matched with a group of patients and a skilled clinician who will support you along the way.

Why pulmonary rehab?

Because it actually works! That’s why! Patients who complete pulmonary rehab:


Reduction in time spent in the hospital (1)


improvement in walking distance (2)


Decrease in
shortness of breath


The Zeph Difference

Zeph Care is designed with you in mind. We’re here to help improve every breath you take — so you can spend less time in the hospital and more time chasing your grandkids or visiting friends.


Very convenient

Zeph makes getting care easier. No more long drives or lugging your oxygen tank just to get to rehab. Plus, you don’t even need a computer to work with us. We’ll send you everything you need, including a tablet.


Highly effective

In just 8 weeks of rehab, you’ll see meaningful improvements that’ll set you on the right path. Our AI-backed system will help you and your clinician track your progress and improve your lung capacity.


A whole community to support you

Managing COPD can be isolating and the burden of depression, anxiety and stress are real. We ensure we're checking in on your mental wellness as a core pillar to make sure you're surrounded by a supportive community and have access to meaningful resources.

Questions? We have answers.

  • Do I Qualify?
    Reach out for a quick assessment. Just email
  • Do insurance and Medicare cover Zeph? Can I participate without insurance?
    We take all major insurances, including Medicare. During your intake call, we’ll confirm if your insurance is covered. No insurance? No problem. We also offer out-of-pocket pricing.
  • Should I speak to my pulmonologist before signing up with Zeph?
    Yes! You need a referral from your pulmonologist to participate in pulmonary rehab. We can help you discuss Zeph with your pulmonologist to see if is right for you.
  • What respiratory conditions can Zeph help treat?
    Zeph helps patients with COPD and long COVID-19. And guess what? We’re looking to expand and treat interstitial lung disease, as well as patients recovering from pneumonia or post-transplant.
  • Can I do Zeph and also in-person breath rehab?
    It’s best to complete one pulmonary rehab program at a time so your clinician can monitor your progress and identify areas for support. If you have access to in-person rehab, using the gym has many benefits. You can also always work with Zeph to supplement your maintenance.
  • Can my Zeph kit be shipped anywhere in the U.S.A.?
    Yep, we’ll send the Zeph kit anywhere and everywhere in the U.S.A.
  • What’s included in the Zeph Kit?
    Everything you’ll need for Zeph rehab. That includes a pre-loaded tablet, a pulse oximeter, a heart rate monitor, and exercise equipment.
  • Where will my data be stored?
    Your data will stay safe and sound in a HIPAA + HITRUST-compliant database, which means no one except your Zeph team can access it.
  • Do I need WiFi?
    Yes, you do. The Zeph Kit includes a tablet that needs WiFi to connect to Zeph.

Ready to learn more?

(2) ryrso ck, BMC pulm med 2018; 18:154

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