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Improving breathcare is our everything

COPD patients continue to lack access to affordable pulmonary rehab. Zeph’s here to change that by helping clinicians increase their out patient capacity.


Our Vision

We aim to prevent COPD from progressing

The right care can help reduce mortality and prevent COPD from progressing. That should be the standard, and we’re here to make it that way.


Our Mission

We help patients breathe better and live better

Our mission is to bring lung care to more patients and to reclaim the joy of everyday living!

Our Story

With Zeph, it’s very personal

Our founders saw both of their parents suffer from COPD. When their mother contracted COVID-19, it triggered a severe exacerbation. Witnessing the challenges of rehabilitation brought the need for better treatment options to light, and that’s how Zeph was born.

Meet the team



Mimi Kigawa

Mimi studied design engineering at Harvard, where she discovered her calling—improving how patients heal from home. She's poured her energy into crafting innovative inventions to help patients do just that. These include a pneumatic offloading shoe for neuropathic patients and a menstrual diagnostic tool to detect early signs of cervical cancer in menstruating women.



Shikha Anand, MD, MPH

Shikha is a practicing physician and a seasoned former researcher. She has experience scaling clinical applications and medical devices, focusing on creating positive health behavior changes. Her innovative programs have touched countless lives in the US with Walmart and Aetna/CVS and globally as the Chief Medical Officer at Withings.



Francis Kigawa

Francis has a wealth of experience building technology for startups like Arcesium, Nombox, and Navattic. He's honed his craft in building products that truly make a difference. His secret? Listening closely to customers and translating their needs into impactful solutions and pain-solving products.


Director of Operations

Celine Marino, MPH

Celine is the daughter of two clinicians who sparked her passion for healthcare at a young age. With that foundation, she went on to pursue a Master's in Public Health and participate in clinical healthcare operations research. Later, she was an early employee at Oxeon Partners, a firm focused on talent, investment, and creating new companies in healthcare technology and services.

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