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Questions? We have answers.

  • Do I Qualify?
    Reach out for a quick assessment. Just email
  • Do insurance and Medicare cover Zeph? Can I participate without insurance?
    We take all major insurances, including Medicare. During your intake call, we’ll confirm if your insurance is covered. No insurance? No problem. We also offer out-of-pocket pricing.
  • Should I speak to my pulmonologist before signing up with Zeph?
    Yes! You need a referral from your pulmonologist to participate in pulmonary rehab. We can help you discuss Zeph with your pulmonologist to see if is right for you.
  • What respiratory conditions can Zeph help treat?
    Zeph helps patients with COPD and long COVID-19. And guess what? We’re looking to expand and treat interstitial lung disease, as well as patients recovering from pneumonia or post-transplant.
  • Can I do Zeph and also in-person breath rehab?
    It’s best to complete one pulmonary rehab program at a time so your clinician can monitor your progress and identify areas for support. If you have access to in-person rehab, using the gym has many benefits. You can also always work with Zeph to supplement your maintenance.
  • Can my Zeph kit be shipped anywhere in the U.S.A.?
    Yep, we’ll send the Zeph kit anywhere and everywhere in the U.S.A.
  • What’s included in the Zeph Kit?
    Everything you’ll need for Zeph rehab. That includes a pre-loaded tablet, a pulse oximeter, a heart rate monitor, and exercise equipment.
  • Where will my data be stored?
    Your data will stay safe and sound in a HIPAA + HITRUST-compliant database, which means no one except your Zeph team can access it.
  • Do I need WiFi?
    Yes, you do. The Zeph Kit includes a tablet that needs WiFi to connect to Zeph.
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